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LA-based 22-year-old singer-songwriter and a Youtube star SAARA opens up about her story.

Hello all, I’m SAARA

I was born in 1994 into a family of missionaries traveling the world, landing in my home country Finland at the age of six. It’s easy to say I was heavily influenced by all the different languages and accents I adapted at a young age having traveled so much.

My parents have always been very musical. Our house was always filled with musical instruments for us to play with, and I remember my first musical memory being my dad taking me to the local music conservatory. I had turned eight, and just like my older sister, I was told to pick an instrument to start practicing. I remember passionately wanting to play the double bass. My dad looked at me with disgust. Like I was just a stupid rambling eight year old – which I totally was – and then introduced me to the cello. Let’s be honest, I ended up choosing it just because it was basically a smaller double bass.

I ended up falling in love with it and played the cello every day for a good 7 years until the commitment of it started to make me anxious. I was 15. I was busy doing outdoor activities and going to parties. (Just kidding, I was never invited to any because I was annoying and  fat – thus lying about outdoor activities too)
Having completely fallen for music, I wanted to pick up singing. I had always sung in church, but I think it was time to start singing about sex and relationship issues – of which I had neither. I went for pop/jazz at the conservatory and having developed a sharp ear for tunes and tones, I was encouraged to do more of it.

Fast forward to 2014. I was a newly graduated chef working as a part-time cashier when shit went down. I had made a YouTube channel and made a video titled “What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners” that accidentally blew up and went viral. I was flown over to the States to the Ellen DeGeneres show, Lucasfilms wanted me to create an alien language for Star Wars and I even ended up in a movie acting alongside Jackie Chan. I had also uploaded a video of me singing in 14 different musical genres and that’s where the big boys got interested and I got sucked into the wonderful world and school of how music is really made. I’ve worked with producers like Rodney Jerkins, Toby Gad and Detail.

My new single, Superpowers, was made last fall. It was written by me, Teemu Brunila, Hank Solo & produced by Hank Solo.

It’s about falling in love with your childhood best friend and not telling them and being taunted by that. I love this song so much – it’s reminiscing yet hopeful and it has a killer drop. The drop makes me feel like I’m in the jungle. Riding down a waterfall on my double bass I never had.

I really hope you enjoy the song and enjoyed my story.